Indigo diffusion, towards a green company !

If satisfying you is our priority, at Indigo Distribution we are also concerned about the environment. Indeed, we grant a big importance to leave a carbon footprint reduced and to recycle as much as possible. Because if every action of recycling can seem to be a drop in the ocean, we think that every action matters.

All our team is involved in this movement of recycling and of protection of our planet :

· At our store man, who conditions your goods, it is recycled cardboards boxes which we reuse. Actually, your packages are not always very elegant, but the planet thanks us. 

· On the side of the administration department, we reduce at the most the use of the paper. It is for that reason as for some time, we send you confirmations of order, price lists and invoices by emails. 

· When we share a lunch or a coffee between colleagues, we use only glasses and reusable table settings. No plastic tumbler allowed at Indigo Diffusion !

· And of course, we apply the selective sorting very seriously !

Obviously, it is only the beginning of a big series of initiatives and actions to come !